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MISSION is an independent film and media company formed in 2010. Its objective is to bring quality media and content to film and television.Many of the projects and topic stemming from Darkan entertainment will focus on redemptive and empowering themes, something that seems to be missing in today’s market. Through the creative process of directing, writing, producing and acting this objective will be accomplished.

Darkan Entertainment is owned, operated and managed by Choice Skinner whose chief aim and primary objective is to create exciting and groundbreaking content for domestic and international distribution as well as raise the bar for today’s media.The company’s main focus will be to develop productions that can be made with modest budgets but will have huge and favorable ROI (Return on Investments) for the investors and financiers that may embark on future funding opportunities with the company for the creation of quality content.Please review this website at your leisure to read more on the CEO and the properties that are currently completed, in production or in development.

Meet The Producer and Director

Choice Skinner

Choice Skinner born and raised in Brooklyn New York and from a very earlyage was always into some form of entertainment. As a teen he joined his first band where he began writing music aimgnd studied the art of music production. In his spare time he wrote short stories and studied martial arts under the tutelage of Sifu/Sensei Dyron Jackson. learn more